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The Freshman 15 can go both ways

Mpho Mashabe (left), a graduate student studying public administration, stirs ingredients for the dish, jollof rice, that will be representing Ghana as Kow Pik Yok (right), a freshman English teaching major, prepares her food, bak kut teh, for Malaysia Thursday in The Loft’s kitchen.  Both dishes will be served at the International Food Expo Friday in Carter Hall.

Nik Cunningham, Publications Editor

September 9, 2020

The freshman 15 was a joke between my dad and me before I came to college; usually going in only one way: up. I didn’t realize that it could also go in the other direction as well. I didn’t even think it was real until I lost ten pounds in my first semester.  Ten pounds isn’t a lot, but I’ve never b...

Grubhub replaces Tapingo, pickup process to remain the same

Scheduled food delivery services have been put on hold after costs from the third party company Tapingo were seen as too high.

Riley Guerzini, Editor-in-Chief

August 15, 2019

Students returning to campus are getting back into the swing of things with new classes, professors, jobs, clubs and now, a new way of skipping lines at Chick-Fil-A. Grubhub, an online and mobile food ordering app, will replace Tapingo as the campus food ordering app at USI starting this year. ...

The famous Tapingo

The famous Tapingo

Grace Poynter, Staff Writer

April 11, 2017

Recently USI brought a new stop-and-go app called Tapingo to campus. Tapingo is an app where you can order food or drinks in advance from the convenience of your own phone, helping you get to the good stuff faster and skip those long lines. I recently began using it, only because I saw so many...

Sodexo now offering food-ordering app

Sodexo now offering food-ordering app

Riley Guerzini, News Editor

March 22, 2017

USI dining services began offering a new food-ordering app Tapingo on campus Monday. The app allows customers to order food or drinks from anywhere on campus and pick it up within the designated time. The Shield sat down with Food Service General Manager Lamar Patterson to discuss the app and how it w...

Superb Super Bowl Sunday

Maxywell Carlton, Staff Writer

January 31, 2017

Sunday night will be the night millions of Americans’ eyes are glued to a television screen.   The New England Patriots or the Atlanta Falcons will claim this year’s Super Bowl winning title, and Americans everywhere will be throwing parties to watch the event. Super Bowl parties are full ...

Scientist to talk GMO’s

Nick Leighty, Staff Writer

March 24, 2016

As the world’s population and demand for food continues to increase, Nina Federoff said the percentage of farmland is decreasing.

Athletes stress nutrition

Athletes stress nutrition

Megan Thorne

March 1, 2016

Before baseball season started The Shield sat down with three members of the baseball team to discuss their nutrition habits. While the stands are filled with burgers, pretzels and nachos, the players on the field often keep steady nutrition in mind. Shawn Williamson said nutrition is important to him...

Alumnus co-creates food finding app

Dough Deals, a new app in which three Evansville restaurants each day provide users with coupon options for breakfast, lunch and dinner was co-founded by university alumn Bradley Davis in hopes of eliminating the problem of where to eat.

Amelia Peterson, Staff writer

December 2, 2015

USI alum helps to create an app to aid local businesses and help save people money on food.

Slimy, yet unsatisfying: Tom + Chee disappoints

Bobby Shipman

August 24, 2015

Before I begin my review, I’d like to point out that I am not your average cuisine connoisseur. I’m not really a food “connoisseur” at all. I am just your average, everyday foodie with a crunchy twist – I’m vegan. Despite my restrictions, I still have an insatiable appetite and desire to exp...

DIGGING INTO SODEXO: Food provider competes with West Side to meet student needs

DIGGING INTO SODEXO: Food provider competes with West Side to meet student needs

Shannon Hall

April 24, 2014

With long lines during lunch and a person almost always at one of the food options on campus, it's no secret college students love to eat. The Shield dove into two of the common complaints about Sodexo it has heard the most over the past few years. Hours Freshman Spanish education major Corinne G...

Students sample world cultures at food expo

Students sample world cultures at food expo

Bradie Gray

February 26, 2014

Those who put on the food expo can say they served hundreds Friday. The International Food Expo sold all of its 500 tickets to students, faculty and even some of the Evansville community members during the annual event. With food selections from 25 countries, singing and dancing from around the world,...

WHERE CAN I EAT HEALTHY? Dietician advises students to ‘mix and match’

James Vaughn

November 8, 2013

Justin Kelly ate celery sticks, pita chips, a spinach salad and a Pop-tart Nov. 7. Kelly, who has been a vegetarian for nearly five years, said there are plenty of healthy food options on campus, but more wouldn’t hurt. “They could alter them every now and then,” he said. He rarely eats...

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