The Shield

Bioshock Infinite, released March 26, 2013, is the third game in the Bioshock series. This game tells a separate story that utilizes the unique and striking world the Bioshock series is known for.
‘Bioshock Infinite’ exposed me to the art of video games
Lou Orth, Staff Writer • November 15, 2023
The 54th Annual Juried Student Art Show consists of 116 student artworks presented at the McCutchan Art Center/Pace Galleries in the lower level of the Liberal Arts Center. It opened Oct. 30 and will continue to be presented until Dec. 9.
54th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition is a wonderful showcase of USI student artwork
Abigail Durham and Ian Young November 15, 2023
God of War (2018), released April 20, 2018, is a third-person, action-adventure video game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This game has become the best example of high-quality gaming during the PS4 era.
‘God of War (2018)’ is the magnum opus of the PS4 era
Ian Young, Lifestyle Editor • November 8, 2023
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