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Madvillainy, released March 24, 2004, is a collaboration project between rapper MF DOOM and producer Madlib. Madvillainy is one of the most celebrated hip-hop albums ever created and stands tall with its unique sampling and iconic rapping.
‘Madvillainy’ holds up as one of the most unique hip-hop albums ever made
Ian Young, Lifestyle Editor • February 21, 2024
Whiplash, released Jan. 16, 2014, is a psychological drama following a young jazz drummer, Andrew Neiman (Miles Teller), as he works his way to the top of his highly competitive band program. Whiplash holds up as a classic as it is one of the most intense dramas of the last decade.
‘Whiplash’ has become a modern classic
Maci Crowell, Staff Writer • February 7, 2024
Alison Buchanan performs as the title character, Ruth, during the Jan. 26 and Jan. 27 performances in the Performance Center.
USI presents its first-ever opera production, ‘Ruth’
Abigail Durham, Staff Writer • February 1, 2024
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