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Members of USI dance team smile with Archie the Eagle after competing in the spirit rally performance Thursday afternoon at Daytona, Florida.

Opinion: Highway to 6th in the nation

Abigail Durham, Staff Writer April 17, 2024

Last year was my first year on the USI dance team, and we went to the College Classic Dance Team Union National Championship Competition in Orlando, Florida.  This year, from April 9 - 14, we traveled...

Maci Crowell lists six books she loves for Valentines Day.

Six books I love

Maci Crowell, Staff Writer February 14, 2024

Like a lot of people, I love a good book. No matter the genre, there are good reads everywhere. So, if you’re like me and plan on spending this Valentine’s Day cuddled up with a hardcover book, here’s...

The 66th Grammy Awards, aired on CBS Sunday, celebrates the music released in 2022 and 2023. While this years presentation and guest performances were top-notch, I still couldnt help but feel burned by the awards themselves.

Opinion: The 66th Grammy Awards was a slam dunk for everything except the awards themselves

Ian Young, Lifestyle Editor February 7, 2024

I am usually not a fan of award shows. It is especially easy to hate on award shows when all you do is look up the winners instead of watching the shows themselves. This year, I wanted to change that by...

Even though I listened to a lot of albums in 2023, there were still some great, noteworthy albums I missed.

10 great albums I missed in 2023

Ian Young, Lifestyle Editor January 23, 2024

I do my best to listen to as much music as possible, but as hard as I may try, some music slips by me. All the albums on this list are 2023 albums I discovered after I published my Top 25 albums of 2023...

Maci Crowell lists her favorite movies of 2023.

Top 10 movies of 2023

Maci Crowell, Staff Writer November 29, 2023

We have been given many new movies over this past year, and in this age of streaming, we have more exposure to new media than ever before. Across all of these platforms, I have put together a list of my...

Ian Young lists his favorite albums of 2023.

Top 25 albums of 2023

Ian Young, Lifestyle Editor November 28, 2023

After listening to over 125 albums, I have collected 25 I consider to be the pinnacle of music released this year. I could have listed more, but for everyone’s sanity and convenience, I decided to limit...

The second-floor balcony in the Business and Engineering Center is a great spot to study outside. The balcony has a beautiful view of trees and Reflection Lake.

Outdoor study spots to try on campus

Abigail Durham, Staff Writer October 26, 2023

There are many physical, mental and social health benefits to studying outside. Being outside makes students more likely to be physically active. Mentally, being outside helps students relax and focus....

The West Side Nut Club Fall Festival is known for its wide variety of food, 
but especially its stranger options.

Strangest Fall Fest food

Ian Young, Lifestyle Editor October 3, 2023

Evansville’s West Side Nut Club Fall Festival is back with carnival games, amusement park rides and, most importantly, its food. Fall Fest is known for its peculiar food items, and this year is set to...

Sanaa Jackson, junior elementary education major, types on her laptop Monday in the back of the Multicultural Center.

Best study spots to try on campus

Abigail Durham, Staff Writer August 30, 2023

Not sure where a good place to study on campus is? If you are like me and feel like you cannot complete any tasks in your room, or if you want to attempt multiple study locations on campus until you find...

New changes made for the betterment of a company might eventually lead to their own downfall from backlash and consumer responses as shown by Netflix and PayPal.

Netflix and bill: What the new streaming policy means for the future

Scott Winchester, Staff Writer March 22, 2023

Several weeks ago, Netflix’s support page listed a new subscription plan policy.  As a result, faced severe backlash from consumers and the media alike. New changes to their policy included paying...

The 95th annual Oscars will be airing on March 12. (Photo courtesy of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences)

Opinion: Five phenomenal films snubbed by the Oscars

Ian Lloyd, Staff Writer March 1, 2023

The movie catch-up season is coming to an end as we inch closer to the end of the awards season. The Oscars are nearly here, and the race to watch the nominees for Best Picture is underway. However, if...

The era of streaming services has drastically changed the production and format of television. It has altered the viewing experience and the elements that once made television unique.

Opinion: Streaming services have ruined television

Ian Lloyd, Staff Writer February 15, 2023

Television has been in a weird spot for the last decade. With the switch to streaming services, many changes were made to the production format, and, in most cases, these changes have been for the worse. Binge...

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