The Shield

2018-2019 Staff

Staff MemberStaff Position
Monica SmithVisual EditorSee Monica Smith's profile
See Monica Smith's profile
Darrian BreedloveOpinion EditorSee Darrian Breedlove's profile
See Darrian Breedlove's profile
Megan MillerChief Copy EditorSee Megan Miller's profile
See Megan Miller's profile
Jordan AukerChief PhotographerSee Jordan Auker's profile
See Jordan Auker's profile
Noah AlatzaNews EditorSee Noah Alatza's profile
See Noah Alatza's profile
Sarah RogersFeatures Editor See Sarah Rogers's profile
See Sarah Rogers's profile
Riley GuerziniManaging EditorSee Riley Guerzini's profile
See Riley Guerzini's profile
Megan ThorneEditor-in-chiefSee Megan Thorne's profile
See Megan Thorne's profile
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