Dashboard reports 16 new COVID-19 cases, 670 cumulative


Hayden Olberding, Digital Editor

Note: Data is current at the time of publication and is subject to change with further updates.

16 new students and faculty tested positive, the university’s COVID-19 dashboard shows

This week’s new data shows a decrease of three students testing positive, from 17 to 14 new cases. It reported two new faculty tested positive, equal to the previous week.

The university updates its COVID-19 dashboard every Friday with new data concerning daily cases, students in quarantine and where students are isolating. This new data is from Jan. 24 through Jan. 30.

Of the new students that tested positive this week, 11 were isolating on campus and three were off campus. Students that self-report to the university and tested positive are required to isolate.

The number of students in quarantine doubled with the new data. Last week’s data showed 18 students were in quarantine, this week there were 39. 32 of these students were in quarantine off campus, and seven were on campus.

Students have increasingly been quarantining every week since Dec. 20.

Vanderburgh County remains as a second advisory level county, according to the Indiana COVID-19 Data Report. All bordering Indiana counties have an advisory level higher than Vanerburgh’s. Posey and Warrick have a 2.5 advisory level, and Gibson County has a level of 3.

The state’s data report shows a continued decrease in positive cases per day. The moving average on Feb. 4 was 54 cases. This decline in daily cases extends to Jan. 10, which had a moving average of 204 cases per day.

Indiana is offering the COVID-19 vaccine to Indiana residents aged 65 and older. The state of Indiana has not set a plan to administer the vaccine to residents under the age of 65 according to the State of Indiana website.

Students, employees or visitors that test positive for the COVID-19, or have been exposed to someone who tested positive, are asked to fill out a self-report form.