37 New Positive COVID-19 Cases, 392 Cumulative


Hayden Olberding, Digital Editor

The university’s COVID-19 dashboard reported 37 new positive cases for the week of Oct. 18 through Oct. 24.

The total positive cases since The Office of Planning, Research, and Assessment introduced the dashboard rose to 392.

This is the second consecutive week the number of new cases dropped. However, the past two weeks of data show the numbers change.

When the dashboard was updated for Oct. 17, there were 30 new cases. This week shows Oct. 17 having 44 new cases, a change of 14 cases. The data for Oct. 10 showed 33 new cases, but the new data this week shows Oct. 10 having 46, a change of 13 cases.

Last week 32 students began isolating, 27 were off-campus and five were on-campus.

This is the lowest number of new isolating cases since Sept. 19 where there were 31 students newly isolating.

The new quarantine cases for last week dropped for the third consecutive week, down to 46 students quarantining.

In Vanderburgh County the average number of daily new cases has fluctuated between 92 and 85. The largest one-day spike in new cases since Oct. 23 being 137 according to Indiana’s COVID-19 dashboard.

Students, employees or visitors that test positive for the virus, or have been exposed to someone who tested positive, are asked to fill out a self-report form.