Week eight COVID-19 data shows a decrease in new cases

Hayden Olberding, Digital Editor

The Office of Planning, Research and Assessment updated the university’s COVID-19 dashboard today with new data from Oct. 4 to Oct. 10.

The new data shows there were 33 new COVID cases last week, less than each of the two weeks preceding it with 58 and 37.

Provost Mohammed Khayum said the university would need over 100 new positive cases per day to consider moving online.

The week of Sept. 20 the university saw its largest spike of new cases, 56 in one week. As of Oct. 10, the university accumulated a total of 300 positive COVID cases.

The new data is current up to Oct. 10, there is no data on the dashboard regarding this week. The data from Oct. 11 through Oct. 17 will be available next Friday.

Students, employees or visitors that test positive for the virus are asked to fill out a self-report.

Most students reporting in quarantine or isolation are doing so off-campus, the newest data shows triple the amount of students are isolating off-campus as opposed to on-campus.

When a student tests positive for COVID, they must isolate for 10 days and any student in close contact with anyone who tested positive for COVID should be in quarantine for 14 days, according to the dashboard.