Crime Log 1/28-2/3

Susanna Fravell, Staff Writer

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8:16 a.m.- Fire Alarm/O’Daniel North Apartments

2:40 p.m.- Alcohol Offense/Parking Lot E



12:46 a.m.- Welfare Check/McDonald East Apartments

12:53 p.m.- Illness Report/McDonald East Apartments

11:02 p.m.- Illness Report/McDonald West Apartments



11:52 a.m.- Suspicious Person(s)/Recreation Fitness and Wellness Center

2:27 p.m.- Incident Report/University Center East

4:33 p.m.- Traffic Accident/O’Daniel South Apartments

5:47 p.m.- Illness Report/Performance Center



2:09 p.m.- Suspicious Person(s)/Orr Center

3:32 p.m.- Fire/McDonald West Apartments

11:38 p.m.- Code of Conduct/O’Daniel North Apartments

11:38 p.m.- Harassment/O’Daniel North Apartments



5:48 p.m.- Fire Alarm/Ruston Hall

7:58 p.m.- Fire Alarm/O’Daniel North Apartments

10:05 p.m.- Fire Alarm/McDonald West Apartments



10:45 p.m.- Drug Offense/McDonald West Apartments



12:50 a.m.- Code of Conduct/McDonald West Apartments

8:53 a.m.- Fire Alarm/Ruston Hall

2:40 p.m.- Lost Property Report/University Center West

3:24 p.m.- Injury Report/Tennis Courts

4:08 p.m.- Drug Offense/O’Daniel North Apartments

4:08 p.m.- Code of Conduct/O’Daniel North Apartments

5:31 p.m.- Suspicious Person(s)/O’Daniel North Apartments

7:28 p.m.- Fire Alarm/O’Daniel North Apartments

8:03 p.m.- Fire Alarm/McDonald East Apartments