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Local Planned Parenthood rallies offer differing views

Riley Guerzini, News Editor

February 15, 2017

Weinbach Avenue is all that separated the pro and anti-Planned Parenthood rallies. Two separate rallies were held outside of the Planned Parenthood office in Evansville on Saturday morning The anti-Planned Parenthood rally was part of a nationwide protest organized by over 60 pro-life groups. The pro-Pl...

STD rates high near campus

Gabi Wy, News Editor

February 10, 2016

Wally Paynter said if someone thinks talking about sexual history is too awkward, they probably shouldn’t be having sex. “It’s just part of the conversation before you get sexually active,” the president of the Tri-State Alliance said. “People need to slow down a little bit and know who thei...

People come first, politics come second

Gavin Gaddis, Opinion Editor

December 2, 2015

One of humanity’s greatest qualities is our ability to help others, even at the detriment of personal comfort. Volunteers will rush to sites of natural disasters to help rebuild, clean former combat zones of dangerous material or donate blood to help offset an epidemic at a moment’s notice. Yet, t...

Students for Life holds second protest

Students for Life holds second protest

Gabi Wy

October 21, 2015

 The university allowed Students for Life to silently protest in their classes Tuesday with professor discretion and even sent out a mass email to faculty through the provost’s office. The students participating wore tape over their lips that read “Life.” The protest was a part of the eleventh annual Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity. The...

Letter to the editor – Regarding Students for Life

Luke Williams

October 14, 2015

Dear Ms. Schwindel and Students, While I can respect a student organization’s right to protest and their attempt to be a cause for their belief in social change, I can’t respect a student organization’s intent to disrupt the lives of their fellow students by pestering them with false information. I ...

Students voice thoughts on controversial Quad display

Students voice thoughts on controversial Quad display

Gabi Wy

October 6, 2015

Laura Schwindel wanted the Quad and only the Quad for the visual display protesting Planned Parenthood Sept. 30. The Students for Life president said the university Scheduling Services pushed for the event, entailing pink crosses, banners and handouts, to be held in the designated Free Speech Zone between t...

Quad display ignites ‘good and bad’ talk

Quad display ignites 'good and bad' talk

Gabi Wy

September 30, 2015

Pink banners and a field of crosses greeted students walking by the Quad Wednesday and brought about confusion and controversy. “The color for standing with Planned Parenthood is pink,” freshman radio and television major Mariah Winne said, “so that’s what (the display) made it look lik...

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