Letter to the editor – Regarding Students for Life

Luke Williams

Dear Ms. Schwindel and Students,

While I can respect a student organization’s right to protest and their attempt to be a cause for their belief in social change, I can’t respect a student organization’s intent to disrupt the lives of their fellow students by pestering them with false information. I also cannot respect an organization or people who choose not to acknowledge simple truth, common sense and facts.

In regards to Ms. Schwindel’s attempt to combat Planned Parenthood’s work, I feel at least obliged to inform her of the truth.

On October the 9th, Utah Reresentative Jason Chaffetz, who investigated Planned Parenthood on the accusation that they were selling baby fetuses, admitted that he uncovered no wrongdoing. Furthermore, the video in question was not only selectively edited, but the person who filmed the video testified in Congress that it was not filmed at a Planned Parenthood location, nor were Planned Parenthood employees actually the people in the video and the video is fake.

I would also like to inform Ms. Schwindel—as well as students—about the numerous and undeniably good things that Planned Parenthood does.

Planned Parenthood provides top quality health screenings to women for free,  proper and realistic sexual education and most notably provides no lie, shame, guilt, free of religious baggage and moralistic agenda about options concerning pregnancy. Planned Parenthood has—and more than likely will continue—to offer top quality health, and family planning options for millions of women.

It is my final opinion that Planned Parenthood empowers women to make their own choices regarding health and life. No one has any right to tell anybody what they can and cannot do with their bodies, we as a country should be making efforts to empower women, because let’s face it, there is a gender gap. wWhen we place rampant radicalism over intellectual thought, we as a people lose.