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Things don’t always turned out as planned

Things don’t always turned out as planned

Megan Miller, Chief Copy Editor

April 16, 2019

My time at USI ends in two weeks, and I can’t say I’m excited. I mean, I won’t have to worry about being swamped with homework, but at least after four years, I know what to expect from college. I have no idea what to expect for myself even two months from now. But if there’s anything I’ve learned in ...

Ask Alex: finals and graduation prep

Ask Alex: finals and graduation prep

Alex, Columnist

December 8, 2017

Dear Alex, I’m terribly nervous about my finals this week and next week. I haven’t been able to study much because I have three dogs and two part-time jobs. How can I prepare myself in time to take my finals? I don’t want to fail. I want to ace my finals, but I’m too nervous to even begin st...

Fall commencement to be ticketed

Fall commencement to be ticketed

Riley Guerzini, News Editor

August 18, 2017

The Fall commencement ceremony will now require tickets to attend due to safety concerns with overcrowding. “We start to evaluate and predict what the number of people attending will look like early in the process, and it's better for us to plan on using the tickets,” Director of University and Com...

New beginnings

New beginnings

Maxywell Carlton, Staff Writer

April 4, 2017

The feeling of embracing the unknown is scary. The fear can come when it comes time to make a decision at the end of an experience. Everything comes to an end in life. This finality can awaken an array of emotions. While some may see the end as exciting, some will feel anxious and unsure when...

USI alumni faring differently since graduation

Taylor O'Neil Hall, Staff Writer

February 21, 2017

Teddi Rausch accepted an internship in Indianapolis last month and was told to look for a place to live. The next day the company told her the position had been offered to someone else because she wasn’t moving fast enough. Rausch, who graduated with a degree in international studies in December,...

Graduation requirements need to be more organized

Zane Clodfelter

September 24, 2013

In my time at USI, one thing seems to be a constant: change is inevitable. As a person who finds embracing change difficult and hard to fathom, I've made strides here on campus in adapting to changes. I was forced to. I had no choice. Since I was freshman, I had a list of required classes needed...

Students look forward to next chapter in life

Jessica Stallings

April 24, 2013

Senior Chelsea Schmidt, who will graduate in May with a degree in marketing and a minor in psychology, said after being in school for four years she is very excited to close this chapter of her life. “I'm most excited about not having a pile of homework staring at me every evening and weekend and...

Letter to the editor

USI Shield Staff

March 20, 2013

We are not allowed to wear Greek lettered sashes when walking on graduation day at USI. I want to change that and don’t understand why it is such a bad thing. So please, can you tell me why this is such a problem and what we can do to change this injustice on our campus? Graduation is a very important day to ma...

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