SGA approves letter supporting new graduation policy

Riley Guerzini, Editor-in-Chief

The SGA General Assembly voted unanimously to approve a letter supporting the ability for students to walk twice at graduation if they are receiving two degrees at their meeting Oct. 3.

“Students that are earning two degrees work so hard,” SGA President Kelsey McCullogh said. “It’s not fair for those students to have to pick between and graduation ceremony and have to pick between their faculty and their friends.”

The recommendation letter will move to the registrar’s office before seeking approval from Andrew Wright, the vice president of enrollment.

“We felt like these students are deserving of two graduation ceremonies because all of the hard work that they put in,” McCullogh said. “With our support, we believe it will be easier for the administration to recognize that this is an important issue.”

Other resolutions passed at the SGA meeting:

  • The position of Associate Vice President of Recruitment was established
  • The General Assembly voted to increase the job duties of the Associate Vice President of Environmental Protection
  • SGA members are now required to perform at least one act of community service each semester.