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Pelosi launches impeachment inquiry

Pelosi launches impeachment inquiry

Riley Guerzini, Editor-in-Chief

September 24, 2019

Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, announced Sept. 24 that the House would launch a formal inquiry into the impeachment of U.S. President Donald Trump in the wake of allegations that he pressured the president of Ukraine to open a corruption investigation into former Vice President and ...

Trump stumps for Braun ahead of midterms

Megan Thorne, Editor-in-chief

September 6, 2018

People chanted “Trump, Trump, Trump,” as the president’s voice bellowed from speakers outside the Ford Center Thursday afternoon. Last week, Donald Trump rallied for U.S. Senate candidate Mike Braun who is running this November. Before the rally Vendors lined the streets as supporters from across...

Trump Rally 2018

Jordan Auker, Chief Photographer

September 4, 2018 President Trump visited The Ford Center Thursday night in Evansville, IN. We had a chance to talk to a USI student of what he thought the President was going to talk about and his experience leading up to the rally.

President Trump to hold rally in Evansville

Thousands of people wait in line to enter the republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s rally at the Old National Events Plaza in downtown Evansville on April 28, 2016.

Noah Alatza, News Editor

August 22, 2018

President Donald Trump will hold a rally in Evansville Aug. 30. The event will take place downtown at the Ford Center, 1 SE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., according to the President’s campaign website. Trump is expected to discuss his support for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike Braun, who is ...

‘I would take the chance again’

'I would take the chance again'

Sarah Rogers, Features Editor

January 16, 2018

Sarah Rogers Tharushi Wattewewa said if she was considering coming to the United States in 2018, she would “seriously think twice.” The senior international studies and French major lived in Kandy, Sri Lanka until she was 22 years old. After teaching French at an international school for a year ...

This could mean war

This could mean war

Osman Bien Aime, Staff Writer

April 11, 2017

It’s not very often that something our nation does fills me with a feeling of dread, but the news of our recent missile strike in Syria managed to do just that. I know we’ve all gotten tired of discussing politics, and I’m not going to criticize our government for what was probably a difficult...

The winter that never happened

The winter that never happened

Sarah Rogers, Opinion Editor

April 4, 2017

Campus has officially been decorated for SpringFest. Hammocks have invaded the grassy areas, students have reclaimed the outdoor picnic tables, and guys in shorts can finally stop pretending they aren’t cold. Normally I understand the excitement of spring--winter is the spawn of Satan. Generally...

Our brother, Canada

Our brother, Canada

Grace Poynter, Staff Writer

April 4, 2017

Last week, David Haines came to the university to speak about the refugee and immigration problem around the world. I was humbled to meet the man himself and have the opportunity to listen to his speech. I was delighted we shared some similar views about the Obama Administration, but I realized...

Law Day speaker reflects on Scalia’s impact, health

The Court of Appeals of Indiana listen to oral arguments in the case of Melvin Wolfe v. State during the seventh annual Law Day March 29, in Carter Hall. The case concerns a dispute over a battery charge, where Wolfe claimed self-defense in a bench trial. Law Day also featured keynote speaker Dr. Stephen L. Wasby.

Riley Guerzini, News Editor

March 31, 2017

Since Justice Antonin Scalia’s death in February of last year, the U.S. Supreme Court has been deadlocked 4-4 in several major cases, but that could change soon with the nomination of a new judge. “He is still very much with us today in context,” Professor emeritus at the University of Albany...

A democratic perspective

Grace Poynter, Staff Writer

March 29, 2017

Roughly four months ago, the United States elected the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump. This was by far one of the most controversial elections America has ever seen. I started wondering how all those people who attended anti-Trump rallies and loyal Hillary Clinton supporters...

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