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Tesla VP says engineering is art

Senior Finance major Terrance Lewis asks Doug Field, vice president, engineering, Tesla Motors, Inc., for advice on his career path in Carter Hall on Monday. Field was invited to speak on campus and is serving as the 2016 Executive in Residence for the Romain College of Business.

Gabi Wy, News Editor

February 8, 2016

Doug Fields wants future engineers to love what they do. Fields, the 2016 executive-in-residence for the Romain College of Business, shared his work experiences with students today in Carter Hall and named his most important principles in being an engineer. Currently, Fields serves as the vic...

Former Apple developer named Executive in Residence

Gabi Wy, News Editor

February 3, 2016

The university selected J. Douglas “Doug” Field to serve as the 2016 Executive in Residence for the Romain College of Business. Field worked at Apple starting in 2008, where he developed all Mac hardware. After three years of developing technologies like MacBooks, Field joined Tesla Motors, Inc....

‘Steve Jobs’ talks fast, says little

'Steve Jobs' talks fast, says little

Gavin Gaddis

October 26, 2015

“Steve Jobs” advertises itself as a stylistic look at the life of Apple’s  infamous co-founder. The film is told in three parts, each part depicting the 40 minutes prior to three of Jobs’ more influential product reveals (the Macintosh, Black Cube and iMac) at technology conventions.  ...


Jessie Hellmann

August 28, 2013

Jobs is a biographical drama film based on the life of Steve Jobs, from 1974 while he was a student at Reed College to 2001. The only people who are interested in seeing this movie are the Apple fanatics. If you don’t care about Apple, or it’s products or Steve Jobs, you’ll not want to see it. And...

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