Evansville mayor supports USI’s decision to go DI


Photo by Uday Lomada

Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke speaks at the press conference announcing USI’s partnership with the Ohio Valley Conference Wednesday morning in the Screaming Eagles Arena.

Casey Clark, Chief Copy Editor

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke said he supported the university’s decision to transition from Division II athletics to Division I. The Board of Trustees voted unanimously Monday to transition university athletics to Division I. 

“I think this will be yet another opportunity to bring a bright focus to Evansville in our region,” Winnecke said. “So I think it’s great news.”

Winnecke said he spoke with both President Ronald Rochon and Ron Romain, Board of Trustees Chair, before the final decision and gave the city’s support for the university transitioning to DI. 

He said he thinks the community of Evansville will be in support of this decision as they have always supported the over 50-year history of the university.

“The community has rallied behind the school at every major endeavor,” Winnecke said. “And this will be another example or another opportunity for the community to rally around the university.”

Winnecke said he thinks the transition will make the university more appealing to students in the area.

“If you look at USI’s close to 50,000 alums now across the world, that means that USI has been nothing but a success in every endeavor,” Winnecke said. “So, I think this just makes it even more attractive for students and student athletes.”

Winnecke said he is excited to see which athletic conference the university joins, and he thinks “this is great news for not only the university but the broader community as well.”