University to allow beer purchases in Screaming Eagles Arena


Photo by Quinton Watt

The university has announced that customers will be permitted to purchase beer during men’s and women’s basketball games for a pilot program. Beer will be sold at the concession stand in the Screaming Eagles Arena.

The university announced a pilot program to sell beer during men’s and women’s basketball games in the Screaming Eagles Arena beginning Nov. 11.

The program is in collaboration with Sodexo and will offer Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra and Busch Light. 

Prior to the announcement, USI policies stated students were not permitted to bring or consume alcohol on campus, including in Housing and Residence Life.

Following the announcement of the pilot program, buying and consuming beer will only be permitted in the Screaming Eagles Arena.

“I think it’s a good move to bring alumni back to campus,” said Chase DeBruyn, senior environmental science major. “People like having beer at sporting events, and it is a big draw to sell beer at sports events.” 

Customers who want to purchase beer will be required to verify their age and receive a wristband before making the purchase.

“I think it’s interesting,” said Kalie Fry, junior nursing major. “I think it’s weird that we’re still mostly a dry campus but allow beer to be sold at sports games. Especially in an environment where things can get wild real quick.”

According to University Communications, Jon Mark Hall, campus athletic director, said they looked at what many of the university’s peer institutions in the Ohio Valley Conference were doing, as well as the Ford Center and other Indiana universities. 

Hall said this move will give the fans something they want during the game-day experience.

“These first couple games will be a pilot for beer sales, but we hope this is something we can continue and even expand in the future,” he said.