University will not refund parking, student fees

Rhonda Wheeler, News Editor

Along with the housing refund students who lived on campus will receive, students who had scholarships from the university may see adjustments in their scholarships.

The refunds will be issued starting this Thursday. Students are encouraged to contact the Bursar’s Office if they do not receive their refunds by April 27.

On the Bursar page, the university states, “because the University is still in session and on track to complete the spring 2020 semester as scheduled, no additional adjustments to tuition and fees are planned.”

Offices funded by student fees will continue to offer virtual services and activities, so there will not be refunds for student fees.

Lab fees calculated each semester are used to purchase equipment and supplies at the beginning of the semester. Many of the supplies and equipment purchased have been used in the first half of the semester. This will not be partially refunded.

The Transportation and Parking Fee helps with the upkeep of campus roadways, parking lots, pedestrian sidewalks and paths and therefore will not be refunded.

“This fee is intended to benefit current and future students through the appropriate upkeep of the campus infrastructure,” the bursar page wrote. “The right to use University parking facilities is part of the Transportation and Parking Fee, but the fee is not charged exclusively for that purpose.”  

Students with an outstanding balance have until June 30 to either pay the full amount due or qualify for an extended payment plan with the office to confirm their return for the fall semester.

Students with a direct financial impact related to the pandemic or the “associated economic impact” could receive up to 12 additional months to pay their spring balance.

The Shield attempted to reach out to ask further questions gathered by students, but John Farless, director of University Communications, said any further interviews will be declined so the office can focus on working with students. 

“As I’m sure you are well aware, this is a very busy and hectic time for all, but especially those working in our Bursar’s Office,” Farless wrote in an email. “Right now the main focus is, and needs to be, working with our students to make sure their needs are met, as well as taking of care of new students who are being enrolled.”

Farless wrote once things settle down, and if there are still questions, then they could look into making someone available.