University releases COVID-19 dashboard

Hayden Olberding, Digital Editor

The university just released its COVID-19 dashboard, but the results are from before the first day of classes.

The dates are from August 16-22 and said 11 students were tested positive that week for COVID-19. 25 students and seven employees have tested positive since March. 

The dashboard is up to date as of August 24. There is no new information for the first week of classes as of today.

The email from the President’s Office said the dashboard will be updated once a week and will provide data from the previous week every Friday afternoon. It also said additional information could be added over time.

Indiana University, Purdue University, Indiana State University and Ball State University each have had a COVID-19 dashboard longer than USI. 

“I could have put out a dashboard to you last week or a week before, but it wasn’t where I wanted it to be,” Rochon said. “We are there now.”

President Ron Rochon said his goal with the dashboard is to provide the campus community with a weekly update with where we are with COVID-19 cases and tests. 

“I wanted to make sure the dashboard was not only robust, with regard to information, but also very accurate, you know, with regard to how we deliver it,” Rochon said. “There’s no excuse, the reason is simple, I’m more interested in quality and accuracy than I am speed. Those pieces are most important to me.”

Rochon said he was pleased with the effort of the students and employees to follow the rules set by the university.

He also said every student he approaches that does not have their mask on, the majority will respond with an apology. 

“I wasn’t looking for an apology, in fact I said ‘no apology necessary’,” Rochon said.  “I know that this thing causes discomfort at times, but I’m just asking you to please be mindful of what we’re trying to do for you and what you’re trying to do for us.”