Students ‘satisfied’ with pass/no pass option

Rhonda Wheeler, News Editor

Hairo Rivas said he was in awe because of the university’s decision to have a pass/no pass option.

The university announced earlier today they would adopt the option for courses this semester.

“I’m actually really happy they’re doing it,” Rivas, a sophomore international business administration major, said. “I talked to different segments and people I know on campus. Many of them have gone through situations that honestly, I could never go through and I could never imagine going through.”

Rivas said he knows some students don’t have homes right now and it’s scary to see what some of his friends face.

“Not everyone has the same resources as everyone so it was amazing for the university, just seeing how much they care about us as students and they really do want us to succeed,” Rivas said.

The university also announced no student will be placed on academic probation as a result of their academic performance this semester nor dismissed from the university.

Students who receive university-sponsored scholarships will not lose their scholarships as a result of their academic performance this semester.

“The university has always been filled with loving, caring people, like right now,” Rivas said. “I’m in awe because they’ve done this for so many people. This is not the first example, there’s been several in the past, where they’ve shown that they truly care for students.”

Lisa Crago, a sophomore accounting major, said she is satisfied with the university’s decision to move to a pass/no pass option.

“I think it would benefit students,” she said. “It seems to kind of take into consideration everyone’s needs for the most part. I think this is a good option because it allows for people that need a letter grade to continue to get that.”

She said she would consider using the option, but she most likely won’t.

Students will have to talk to the instructor of the course and their academic advisor before switching to a pass/no pass option.

Students have requested and petitioned for the university implementing a pass/fail option for their classes this semester as the coronavirus pandemic closed the university’s campus and had many students leave housing.

“These changes are meant to give students every opportunity to succeed, especially during this time of uncertainty,” the statement from the university said today.