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Becoming the very best

Becoming the very best

Megan Thorne, Editor-in-Chief

March 12, 2019

From the moment we are born, we are groomed to be the best and nothing but that. The pressure to always be the best in the classroom, on the court or field and out of the friend group can become crippling. Parents want their kids to be in the best universities, doing the best things and having the best caree...

No classes for assessment day

No classes for assessment day

Noah Alatza, News Editor

September 4, 2018

Tuesday, Sept. 11 is assessment day for freshman, seniors and new transfer students. There will be no classes for the rest of the student body. Assessment day results are used in the accreditation process for the university. Faculty members may use the results to make curriculum changes. Students s...

Faculty Senate to vote on letter addressing executive order

Riley Guerzini, News Editor

February 15, 2017

Faculty Senate got political in its Friday meeting Feb. 10. The senate will vote on an open letter to the university regarding the recent executive order on immigration in the coming days. Executive Order 13769 bars refugees from entering the country for 120 days and temporarily bans immigrants from...

What’s the cost?

What’s the cost?

Megan Thorne, Opinion Editor

October 12, 2016

When people think of attending college often they think of student loans, debt and financial need.

New apps to promote consent

Gabi Wy, News Editor

February 10, 2016

Michael Lissack, professor of Design and Innovation at Tongji University and an affiliate member of Boston University, helped create a suite of four apps with a research institute working to “nudge sexual behavior in the right direction.” The “We-Consent App Suite” consists of the “We-Consent A...

Hoverboards banned

Hoverboards banned

Bobby Shipman, Editor-in-Chief

January 12, 2016

Dillon Baker isn’t too excited about walking to class. A few months before the school year began, the freshman business management major got his first hoverboard, a self-balancing, two-wheel motorized board that has been rising in popularity. “(The university is) trying to take away everyt...

State common core will make smoother transitions for transfer students

Ariana Beedie

February 3, 2013

A bill requiring Indiana four-year public universities to develop a common core to make it easier for students to transfer was passed in 2012.  Indiana Senate Bill 0182 requires “state institutions” to accept credits from another in-state institution, even an associate degrees “as credit to...

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