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Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ full of self-love, growth

Taylor Swift's 'Lover' full of self-love, growth

Sheridan Arnold, Staff Writer

September 9, 2019

Taylor Swift has once again become one of the most successful artists of the year with her new album “Lover” which was released Aug. 23rd. “Lover” has already become the most sold album of 2019 and has had a high number of physical copies sold. You could say that Taylor Swift is keeping th...

Telling her story the way she wants it to be told

Telling her story the way she wants it to be told

Jason Honesto, Staff Writer

March 13, 2018

Eva Rinaldi Taylor Swift’s newest music video for her song “Delicate”, featured on her album “Reputation”, has reached number one on Youtube’s trending music page as of March 13th. iHeartRadio Music’s most recent female artist of the year released the video March 11th during the awards ...

Taylor Swift unfortunately does it again

Taylor Swift unfortunately does it again

Megan Thorne, Chief Photographer

August 29, 2017

Taylor Swift, known for being petty and dragging her previous relationships down into the lyrical depths of break-up songs, now has notoriously come out with yet another petty song about her “reputation.” But let’s be real everyone gets a reputation for a reason, right? In her new music v...

Look what Taylor Swift did

Look what Taylor Swift did

Gabi Wy, Editor in Chief

August 29, 2017

Taylor Swift’s being quite petty, but she’s owning it. The beauty of her newly released single and music video ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ is not in the songwriting or any sort of meaningful depth. To be quite honest, the song’s repetitive and lacks creativity (it rhymes ‘time’ with ...

Boyz on T-Swift: “1989”

Boyz on T-Swift:

Jimmy Pyles

October 28, 2014

T-Swift's new album loses roots Two stars Review by Jake Tapley When Taylor Swift released her previous album “Red,” which transitioned her career from young, prolific songwriter to acclaimed superstar, it shocked me. Her first single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” ...

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