Telling her story the way she wants it to be told

Eva Rinaldi

Taylor Swift’s newest music video for her song “Delicate”, featured on her album “Reputation”, has reached number one on Youtube’s trending music page as of March 13th. iHeartRadio Music’s most recent female artist of the year released the video March 11th during the awards ceremony and has received much love and support from her fans all over the world.

A liberating lyrical lament, the “Delicate” video displays Taylor Swift’s escape from her reputation and focuses on the singer rebelling against the oppression of the media and society.

The journey begins with Taylor Swift walking on the red carpet, surrounded by paparazzi, bodyguards, and fans. As the scenes progress, viewers see Swift stumbling miserably through the hardships of fame before finally finding her way into a private setting.

After playfully shaping her mouth to portray a variety of humorous facial expressions, Taylor discovers herself to be invisible and decides to take this new opportunity to literally dance as if no one is watching.

Through each of her endeavors, Taylor Swift is totally and unapologetically herself, performing tacky dance moves while constantly searching for confirmation of her invisibility through those that are around her. When she is once again visible to society, it’s in a public bar with no escorts and she is soaking wet from the purifying rain she’s danced through to get to this point in her life.

Considering the unfortunate dating life of the artist, it’s easy to understand how her reputation can affect her personal life (and obviously her career). The title of the song can be interpreted to mean that Taylor is human and has “delicate” feelings. The entire video exists to help capture the humanity of Taylor Swift and how she is tired of her reputation affecting every aspect of her life.

Musically, the song is more modern and techno rather than a reflection of art. However, the lyrics alone tell Taylor’s story and the music supports the way that she wants it to be told.

The entire “Reputation” album is revolutionary in Taylor Swift’s life. Since “1989” fans have watched Taylor grow from being a sweet, innocent girl into a woman who can make her own decisions. She’s not perfect, she is human. Good for Taylor Swift.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)