Look what Taylor Swift did

Taylor Swift’s being quite petty, but she’s owning it.

The beauty of her newly released single and music video ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ is not in the songwriting or any sort of meaningful depth.

To be quite honest, the song’s repetitive and lacks creativity (it rhymes ‘time’ with ‘time’), yet it marks a change in attitude that cannot be ignored.

Taylor knew her haters were going to be talking about her being dramatic and just stirring up trouble. She’s one step ahead with this single, retorting, “Yeah, I know, and I’m going to own it.”

As Taylor Swift has often found herself under public scrutiny, whether for being interrupted at the 2009 VMAs or ‘excluding herself from a narrative,’ she could have continued her career paying no mind to the public conversation about her.

Instead, she ‘re-claimed the snake’ and doesn’t give a damn about the thousands of people who called her one.

In the ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ music video, Swift proves incredibly self-aware and she runs with it. The video opens with a gravestone reading “Here Lies Taylor Swift’s Reputation,” and an undead Taylor sings the opening lyrics.

New Taylor in the music video presides over a group of past Taylors, including the dorky Taylor who sang ‘You Belong With Me’ and the ballerina from ‘Shake It Off.’ She leads a plastic-doll looking army, a reference to the group of friends Swift’s been known to lead like a wolf’s pack.

In the extra bit right after the song, the Taylors argue, saying, “There she goes, playing the victim ah-gain!” and “Stop acting like you’re so nice, you’re so fake!” The video touches on pretty much every prominent criticism the media and listeners have ever had for her, and by acknowledging it and still slaying, I’d say she wins.

Swift wasn’t physically present at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, yet she still ended up the talk of the town with her music video premiere. She even would’ve walked away with an award in her hand (Best Collaboration with Zayn Malik) if she went.

Call her petty, call her a snake, call her dramatic–she doesn’t care. She’s on your mind.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)