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Letter to the Editor: It’s time to show we’re paying attention

Crystal Steltenpohl

January 28, 2020

People go to college to increase their earning potential, gain valuable skills and become informed citizens. You can develop these traits inside the classroom, but after you graduate, people will want to know what you can do outside the classroom. One of the best ways to use your skills is through advocacy. For...

Southern Indiana ‘super polluters’ continue to harm resources, air quality in region

Southern Indiana ‘super polluters’ continue to harm resources, air quality in region

Maddie Nolan, Staff Writer

September 17, 2019

Evansville is known for the beautiful rolling hills, dense forests, and the Ohio River, but what most people are unaware of is the amount of pollution surrounding the city.  Seven coal-powered plants lie within 30 miles of the city. These so-called “super polluters” produce greenhouse gases a...

People don’t care, we’re killing our planet

People don't care, we're killing our planet

Darrian Breedlove, Opinion Editor

September 10, 2019

The Amazon rain forest is still burning and nobody cares. Some news sites have reported that the Amazon has had fires beginning as early as January of this year, yet most people hadn’t even heard about the burning of the rain forest until this past month. Despite the coverage of the issue, it seems...

New Vectren facility not sitting well with students

Senior philosophy major Logan Vest said he plans on hosting a panel of professors and environmentalists on campus to discuss Vectren's future plans.

Noah Alatza, Community Engagement Manager

April 3, 2018

A natural gas plant and solar farm are in the works for Vectren’s A.B.Brown plant in Posey County, just six and a half miles from USI’s campus. Vectren announced in late February that the $900 million upgrade would be anywhere from 800 to 900 megawatts. Vectren plans on retiring three of i...

The moments of tomorrow

The moments of tomorrow

Maxywell Carlton, Staff Writer

April 18, 2017

The world we live in is a big joke. We literally reside in a living punch line. If you take a moment just to see the irony and humor behind world events you might give off a chuckle. Everyone who is anyone on this planet knows that our globe is warming. The atmosphere is heating up, which might ...

The winter that never happened

The winter that never happened

Sarah Rogers, Opinion Editor

April 4, 2017

Campus has officially been decorated for SpringFest. Hammocks have invaded the grassy areas, students have reclaimed the outdoor picnic tables, and guys in shorts can finally stop pretending they aren’t cold. Normally I understand the excitement of spring--winter is the spawn of Satan. Generally...

USI relishes clean campus

Paola Marizan

April 22, 2014

Chelsie Ours thinks USI's campus is clean, but said she would like to see more student involvement. "I know USI has different programs, but maybe if they gave organizations more incentives for students to get involved and more notice that would be helpful," she said. "It would give students more pride...

Conference Center to boast unique look, location

Conference Center to boast unique look, location

Jessica Stallings

November 19, 2013

The west side of Reflection Lake will soon be home to a 13,800-square-foot Conference Center and an 80 to 90 car parking lot. A private donor paid for the $5 million facility. “We're calling it the Conference Center,” said Stephen Helfrich, director of facility operations and planning. “Maybe...

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