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A Christmas switcheroo in ‘The Princess Switch’

A Christmas switcheroo in 'The Princess Switch'
December 3, 2018

When a Chicago baker and a soon-to-be princess run into each other and find they look like twins, they agree to switch places for a couple of days leading up to Christmas. Through their plan, they find...

Ask Alex: Christmas gifts and study spots

Ask Alex: Christmas gifts and study spots
November 29, 2017

Dear Alex, I am insufferable to buy Christmas gifts for. People ask me what I want, and I genuinely don’t know what to tell them. I feel like I’ve got everything I need in life, so what the heck should...

Not ready for Christmas

December 2, 2015

From increased workloads, finals looming ahead and normal holiday stresses of choosing and affording gifts for friends and family, many students become too stressed to enjoy all the wonderful things holidays...

‘Tis the thought that counts

December 2, 2015

No one is immune to the Christmas cheer. There are a lot of things to be joyful about at Christmas, the trick is to not get stressed out and just enjoy the holiday. Gift giving can be made simple if broken...

Seeing red (cups) – what really matters

November 11, 2015

Starbucks has removed all Christmas-related artwork from their annual holiday season red cup, which has caused many people to accuse the coffee chain of attacking Christmas. This news broke while I was...

Christmas, wait your turn

October 23, 2015

I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas. It is my favorite holiday, but its decorations seems to come sooner and sooner each year with little regard with the other two fall holidays.   Last...

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