Not ready for Christmas

From increased workloads, finals looming ahead and normal holiday stresses of choosing and affording gifts for friends and family, many students become too stressed to enjoy all the wonderful things holidays offer.

“There is always homework, tests, papers or something due the day I get back from Thanksgiving break. Even on Christmas break I’m working or stressing about how I am going to afford books and gifts,” said junior business major Henry Lichaj.

As soon as the first day of November hit, I had a plethora of wish lists flood my inbox. It’s depressing because I love my friends and family and want to get them all something nice, but my meager funds are telling me to calm down.

This year I propose a solution to this problem.

First of all, only buy what one can afford. Start by asking friends and family for ideas of gifts that is at or under a certain amount.

To make it fair, ask them to likewise spend no more than the agreed amount on your gift.

Gift cards or splitting the cost of a gift with another friend or family member is also a good idea. Gift cards may seem like a thoughtless, easy gift but everyone loves them. Now one may get their mother something a little more personal, but for Aunt Mildred who lives in Texas it’s the perfect gift to stuff in a cheap holiday card.

Everyone has priorities, but be sure to make time to enjoy the season. Even if it’s the little things like drinking a peppermint mocha, or making gingerbread houses with your roommates, have some fun. After all, Christmas is only once a year.

So smile, take a deep breath and make some memories.

Most importantly remember: it’s not the cost of the present, it’s the moments spent with loved ones that matter the most.