Ask Alex: Christmas gifts and study spots

Ask Alex: Christmas gifts and study spots

Alex, Columnist

Dear Alex, I am insufferable to buy Christmas gifts for. People ask me what I want, and I genuinely don’t know what to tell them. I feel like I’ve got everything I need in life, so what the heck should I tell them? – Chris Miss

Chris, I understand the feeling.

When it gets to this season, I start taking notes on my phone. As I go about my day I’ll write down things I wish I had when the thought occurs.

For instance, I might forget to charge my phone or be out for so long that it’s drained, and there won’t be a convenient spot to charge. I’d then jot down a note that a portable battery would be nice to have.

That habit generally applies to convenience items, but I’ve also seen things I like in the wild, such as a cool mug or a local band t-shirt that someone is wearing. Those will also end up on my list.

If you feel like this won’t apply to you, though, it never hurts to relay your loved one’s giving spirit to something like a charity. A donation in your name, no matter the size, is a cool gift.

Hey Alex, this is probably a dumb question to ask. Where should I go to study? It always happens around this time of year that it’s nearly impossible to find a place that isn’t crowded or a little too loud in the library. Finals always bring a buttload of people to the library, and I like a more isolated setting. – Study Buddy

The library does seem to draw a lot of people around finals, and it would make sense that you’d lose that feeling of isolation.

Buddy, here’s your chance to fully explore campus.

Whether you realize it or not, there are plenty of nooks and crannies around campus that serve as excellent study spots.

If you’re in need of a computer, the labs in the basement of the Liberal Arts building and the second floor of the education building have relatively low traffic.

Otherwise, the Fireside Lounge, most building lobbies during the evening and, if you’re not afraid of the cold, the area outside between the science and forum buildings are all excellent options.