How to stay financially responsible during the pandemic

It’s easy to get carried away with frivolous spending when you’re bored, sitting around most of the day.

Online shopping only makes the problem worse as you can spend hundreds of dollars at the click of a button. 

People are looking to spend money on entertainment as the coronavirus pandemic thrusts us deeper into social distancing and governors continue to issue executive orders forcing residents to stay at home.

It also doesn’t help that the federal government is gifting most taxpayers with a $1,200 stimulus check, encouraging citizens to spend money on potentially non-essential products. 

Spending money on video games, electronics and outdoor games can be tempting especially with an influx of cash, but being financially responsible is one of the most important practices you can implement during this time.

Eventually the money will dry up so making sure you stay on top of your finances will benefit you in both the short-term and long-term.

The most important and easiest way to stay financially responsible is to limit spending  only for essential items. Don’t spend money on products you don’t need. The economy is tanking and you’ll regret spending money on entertainment products that will lose their value.

Another way to stay fiscally responsible is to find the best deals on products and services. Many companies are selling discounted products and services and even offering them for free for a limited time. 

Take advantage of this by checking out the websites of places you like to shop at, as they could be offering generous discounts. It’s a great and easy way to save money.

It’s also a good time to cancel subscriptions to services you may not need. For example, you may consider cancelling your monthly car wash payment as you won’t need it if you aren’t driving around as much. Spotify is another subscription service you may want to consider cancelling depending on how often you listen to music.

You should also try calling your cell phone and insurance providers and ask if they are offering a discount on premiums. Remember, many of these companies understand the burden of the pandemic on people and may be more lenient when it comes to bills and payments. It never hurts to ask.

The largest expense you have to worry about right now is food costs. This can add up quickly if you’re not careful. Try sticking to buying food from the grocery store and passing on takeout and delivery. Eating out is much more expensive than cooking at home, and delivery fees can add up. 

Also try to avoid impulse buying snacks and alcohol when you can go without them.

These are trying times and doing what you can to stay financially responsible will help you get through it. Be sure to stick with these helpful tips and remember to be vigilant for anything that can help you save money.