Arena excites, Welcome Center underwhelms

Within the school year, two shiny new buildings have been unveiled by the university.

There’s the Fuquay Welcome Center that was released last fall, and recently, the Screaming Eagles Arena, which opened at the beginning of this month. Both buildings took a considerable amount of time to construct, however, there seem to be interesting views centered around both buildings.

The Fuquay Welcome Center is either despised or well-liked for its small sizing. Some students remark of how the building is a waste or how it wasn’t worth the small plot of nature that previously inhabited the space. Others, however, view it as a cozy area to study and get some quiet or a great place to hold small meetings.

Although the building does seem cozy and sleek in the interior, it was originally built for hosting orientations inside. The center is not big enough to contain all the students and parents that come to campus for orientation, though perhaps with enough squeezing and crowding it is efficient enough.

Viewing it for its original purpose, perhaps it was a bit of a letdown. However, now it can be used for miniscule gatherings or chilling and studying. At least there’s nice looking furniture for that.

Onto looking into the arena, one must admit that the building was very well done. Even when studying the exterior, one can notice how sharp the overall design is. It’s the perfect outside image for portraying what’s on the inside.

The inside of the arena is very sleek and aweing. From the extravagant looking design of the locker rooms displaying striking shades of red while showing USI Screaming Eagles designs scattered all about the room, it reminds one of fancy dressing rooms for celebrities.

The stadium is also striking and nothing to be ignored. It looks so professional and clean with the giant TV and new audience seats, definitely a bigger and better layout for events or games than the more miniscule arena of the past.

USI has already hosted two big events in the new arena, and there has been nothing but positive and excited feedback buzzing around campus. Definitely, a lot more positive feedback than the Welcome Center seemed to receive when it first opened. Though perhaps it’s natural for people to get more excited about subjects pertaining to sports.

However, in the perspective of an unbiased student when it comes to judging the Welcome Center and the arena, I would say that both certainly have their own merits, but the arena is probably the winner of the two due to the excitement and unity it has brought to USI campus.