Dream jobs may not be waiting right after college

Many students imagine graduating and going straight into their dream job. However, the truth is there is a lot of work that goes into making this dream a reality. Unless you have connections to the first place you are applying for, it is pretty likely that you will be applying to a lot of jobs before actually getting hired.

Some of the problems lie with the fact that most jobs want you to have a lot more experience than you most likely have. It is not uncommon to see a job listing wanting five or more years of experience. A great way to combat this is finding an internship in your field.

Though this internship may not be exactly the type of experience some companies are looking for, it will provide an important step toward your career dreams. An internship will help you to grow your social connections during college. When you graduate you may find the company you interned at is ready to hire you because of the hard work you put in while you were there.

It is also important to realize that you may not immediately get the dream job you were hoping for right out of college. It can be highly discouraging to be rejected 10 times by companies you would love to work for, but you must make sure to keep your head high. Looking at jobs in your field that seem less than stellar may seem like you’re selling yourself short, but it can help you get your foot in the door.

The job that you start with out of college does not have to be the job that you stay in for the rest of your life. It is simply a stepping stone in your career path, and you should always make the best of it. Your first job is a chance to learn and to gain the experience you need for the actual job that you want.

The greatest advice for finding a job after college is to start early. Too many students wait until after they graduate to start putting in job applications. However, it takes companies several weeks to process job applications, and this can put students in a financial bind right out of college.

Starting your job search around spring break provides enough time for companies to get back to you. It also provides time for you to be rejected by several companies and still be able to turn in other applications.

The students that find jobs right out of college are generally the ones that put a lot of effort into finding those jobs. They turn in multiple applications find internships and expand their network of people.

Job hunting can be a terrifying aspect of graduating. It can feel discouraging when you get multiple rejection letters from companies you had high hopes for. However, if you show your skills off well and keep your options open you will make great strides on your career path.