Not attending college doesn’t mean failure

There is a common belief in society that has been far too ingrained in people’s heads and treated as if it is a fact rather than one’s opinion. It is the ridiculous misconception that if a teenager doesn’t end up going to college, they’re going to be a failure and end up with a job at McDonald’s or something of the sort.

Going to college will surely assist in getting a great and well-paying job, but high school graduates who did not seek university life after high school are not doomed. It just means they may have to work a little harder and will not have to worry about paying thousands of dollars back for loans.

College is an amazing experience and allows endless possibilities for those who pursue it. It gives you the chance to develop as a person, earn more knowledge and chase after your dreams with a golden ticket in hand at the end of four or so years. College is there for students who want to learn more about certain careers so they have a higher chance of achieving their goals.

For those who can’t afford college or simply just want to be finished with school, they may just have to work a little harder and dig a little deeper for chances and ways to reach their dreams. There are many who become very successful without having to go to college.

There are influencers on social media who share themselves online and earn a loyal following. There are those who are discovered on street corners playing the guitar. There are those who give back to the community and raise funds to help others. There are those who practice cooking until they get better and better, and eventually open their own restaurant.

Those with big dreams and have no way to afford college and access the ladders of opportunities that come with it simply just have to build their own ladders. There are even those who have simpler dreams and just want to live simple, easy lives.

Perhaps being a florist or a waiter is enough. Perhaps fishing for a living is satisfying enough. Perhaps being a cashier and talking to different kinds of people every day is a good time for someone.

So just because someone doesn’t go to college doesn’t mean they’re a failure. It doesn’t mean they’re lazy or going to struggle all their life. It means they may just have to work a little harder, or maybe they’re satisfied with the way their life is and don’t desire going to a university.

So it’s time we throw away this misconception that not going to college means that someone is going to be a failure or never going to amount to anything. Just as you would respect a person who is attending college, you should respect a person who isn’t.

Going to college doesn’t make someone better than someone who isn’t. It just means they have different dreams and goals. It just means they’re different, and that’s perfectly okay.