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The Freshman 15 can go both ways

Mpho Mashabe (left), a graduate student studying public administration, stirs ingredients for the dish, jollof rice, that will be representing Ghana as Kow Pik Yok (right), a freshman English teaching major, prepares her food, bak kut teh, for Malaysia Thursday in The Loft’s kitchen.  Both dishes will be served at the International Food Expo Friday in Carter Hall.
September 9, 2020

The freshman 15 was a joke between my dad and me before I came to college; usually going in only one way: up. I didn’t realize that it could also go in the other direction as well. I didn’t even think...

Students still unsatisfied with Sodexo

Students still unsatisfied with Sodexo
September 1, 2015

Grumbling stomachs spoke, and Sodexo answered. Sodexo shifted breakfast options from retail dining to The Loft, and options like Cyclone Salads and Fiesta Fuego are open longer on weekdays as well...

A commuter’s guide to campus eating

August 30, 2015

They say you should never shop for groceries while hungry, let's see if that applies to writing columns, too. Hello everyone, it’s your favorite fake uncle back with some tasty information on how...

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