The Shield

Is Sony ‘creating the future’ too soon?

Roberto Campos

February 27, 2013

Two words spoken during Sony’s presentation about “the future” changed the landscape of the video game industry. Those two words were “PlayStation 4.” As you would expect, Sony’s PlayStation 4 embodies what it thinks the future of gaming will gravitate toward, and Sony even said its release...

Stop making ‘Harlem Shake’ videos

Jimmy Pyles

February 21, 2013

Just like everyone who made “Gangnam Style” videos, these incredibly stupid “Harlem Shake” videos will irrelevant in a few days. I can’t be more thankful. These videos make me lose a little faith in humanity that people find these funny or entertaining. This brings up a question: if hal...

Parade your cause, not yourself

Jake Tapley

February 21, 2013

We live in a time where activism can truly thrive. And now with the Internet and social media being utilized, it has become trendy to be supportive  of a cause. It is either the best or worst thing to happen to modern liberalism - I can’t decide. I think it's wonderful when people are truly passion...

The need for jazz

Ariana Beedie

September 19, 2011

Jazz is a big part of my life. In every moment, no matter what is happening around me, it fits my every mood. Read More »...

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