Letter to the editor

USI Shield Staff

As I walked from the library to class today, I was accosted by multiple individuals attempting to get me to support their causes or listen to what each had to say. I did my best to ignore them all, finding such intrusions into my personal time and space time consuming and simply annoying.  However, this experience did get me thinking about a time when I was still a student at Purdue University.

Two young men, fellow students, took up an interesting tradition: each Wednesday, they stood near the bell tower and verbalized free compliments to any students passing. I had class close to their weekly post and enjoyed comments such as “Nice sandals – you’re an inspiration to all the warm-natured people in winter” and “You make that backpack look good.”

Labeled initially as sarcastic, after years of consistency these two young men eventually were recognized for their sincerity and were asked to appear on nationally televised shows such as “Good Morning, America.”

Though my time here at USI is quickly dwindling as I approach my imminent graduation, I challenge my fellow students to take up the tradition started years ago in West Lafayette. Not necessarily instead of, but what if along with the potentially annoying requests to buy a cupcake or join a sorority (even though you’re a male), there were people who simply praised those who walk by? I know it would brighten my day. But then again, who doesn’t like compliments?

-Will Verkamp