Keep it Calm

Jimmy Pyles

Spring Break is when students travel to the promised lands known as Panama and Mexico to get so drunk they forget everything they have been taught this semester.

Take it easy, guys. Spring Break is about resting and making that push through April to summer, or graduation for some people.

How can you make that push when you’re still hung over from Spring Break? Instead, sit back, relax, and charge your batteries for the second half of this semester.

Why are you paying so much money to go to here when your goal on break is to get so messed up? Blowing off steam shouldn’t result in getting blacked-out drunk on the beach.

I understand that Spring Break has become a tradition, but you’re adults. Stop living in high school.

Instead of getting buck wild, stay home and actually do something with this time off of school – like do your taxes instead of having your parents do them for you, or snuggle up by the fire and knit yourself a scarf to help brave the rest of Evansville bipolar weather.

If you don’t feel that ambitious over break, then lounge on the couch while catching up on all the T.V. shows and movies you missed over the semester.

We all know that Spring Break won’t be an option when we’re older, so start acting like it.

There are so many better things you can spend you money on than of going away on Spring Break – paying a lot of money to stay in a crappy motel and get super wasted. Take your beer money and put it in a savings account or put it in a high-interest CD.

You probably think these suggestions are dumb, but you’ll wish you would have slept more and partied less on March 18.