Stop making ‘Harlem Shake’ videos

Jimmy Pyles

Just like everyone who made “Gangnam Style” videos, these incredibly stupid “Harlem Shake” videos will irrelevant in a few days. I can’t be more thankful.

These videos make me lose a little faith in humanity that people find these funny or entertaining.

This brings up a question: if half the country does something incredibly annoying, will the other half join in? The answer to the question is yes.

The song by Baauer isn’t even new, and I can’t tell what is being said expect for “do the ‘Harlem Shake.’”

We get it: You can dance horribly with a mask on while people ignore you. Then the beat kicks in, and everyone starts dancing like extremely white people who don’t even know how to do the Harlem Shake. (Not that I know how to, either – I just know it’s not strange thrusting.)

Also, I don’t know why every swim team makes a video underwater. University of Georgia did the first one, so just stop making them. They’re just dudes in speedos humping each other.

I recently got an invite to be part of USI’s “Harlem Shake” video, which is dated for March 1. By March, people will have forgotten all about “Harlem Shake” and will have moved on to the next dumb thing.

I don’t understand why the people organizing the USI “Harlem Shake” video are waiting so long to make the video. The dance is 30 seconds long. If it’s a video with two takes, at best, that’s a minute. Why do we need a week before we can make one?

I would be more excited for USI’s “Harlem Shake” if wasn’t going to be the same as every other college with Archie dancing and the whole student body going crazy. Also, UE beat us to the viral punch, so that’s just another thing they can make fun of us for. Making this video in March will prove that it takes us longer to do something than any other college in the country.

The viral height of the “Harlem Shake” videos is right now. It won’t be that way a week from now, so, USI, thank you for being behind the times yet again.

Please hurry up and release the video sooner. I know I want this fad to be over as soon as possible.