The Shield

Greek life fine, but why spend money?

Jake Tapley

September 16, 2014

I have never really had much interest in Greek life. From an outsider’s perspective, or at least from my perspective, it seems like a waste of money – money that could be put toward more rewarding experiences. However, I also understand that the fraternities and sororities depicted in countless...

It’s more than ‘buying friends’

Brenna Wu

September 16, 2014

This past week has probably been very stressful for the Greek students around campus. Fraternity Rush Week was last week, and this week is sorority recruitment. It seems inevitable that the Recruitment Chairs are pulling their hair out, especially the sorority chairs. Many people question the...

Greeks go ‘crazy’ for a cause

Shannon Hall

February 27, 2013

With men taking off their shirts and women dancing to songs from “Pitch Perfect,” this year’s Lip Sync had audience members on their feet all throughout the night. The Greek community came out to support Gamma Phi Beta’s annual philanthropy event, which raised just under $1,950. Read Mo...

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