It’s more than ‘buying friends’

Brenna Wu

This past week has probably been very stressful for the Greek students around campus.

Fraternity Rush Week was last week, and this week is sorority recruitment. It seems inevitable that the Recruitment Chairs are pulling their hair out, especially the sorority chairs.

Many people question the Greek life on campus and whether or not it is truly worth it in the end.

My freshman year, I questioned the life of Greek students mostly due to the stereotypical stories I had been told in high school. Because of these stories, I decided to skip out on joining Greek life.

When I look back on my decision, I know it was one of the biggest mistakes I have made so far at USI.

I never realized how much of a community the Greek students have on campus. They really are a family, no matter what letters they wear.

A girl on my tennis team introduced me to several “sisters” in her Greek family, and I was immediately taken aback by how welcoming and sweet they all were to someone they considered a non-Greek.

I often found myself going over to the sorority house and befriending more people in Greek life. There was no persuasion or hazing. I wasn’t threatened in any way if I decided to not go through recruitment, but everyone wanted me to take a chance and see if going Greek would be something that I would eventually fall in love with.

So this year, I am going through recruitment.

I am extremely excited for the events that are planned and the amazing women I will get to meet. Most people think that going Greek means paying for friends and living with noses stuck in the air, but this is completely false.

Joining Greek life is just like joining an organization. You become part of a family, you get involved with service projects and you get valuable opportunities for leadership roles.

Recruitment is something I have been looking forward to ever since the beginning of my second semester as a freshman here at USI, and I hope the ladies that are going through recruitment with me feel the same way.

Becoming part of a Greek family is something I cannot wait to experience. I cannot wait for this great adventure that lies ahead of me.