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Supporting the influencers of tomorrow

Supporting the influencers of tomorrow

Sarah Rogers, Features Editor

April 2, 2019

Kiana Smith said she couldn’t imagine beginning her student teaching halfway through a semester. The senior elementary education major is one of the eight students involved in the year-long student teaching program called “Teach Now, Transform Tomorrow.” The program is available to all elementary,...

$10,000 grant funds new app for Blackboard

$10,000 grant funds new app for Blackboard

Bobby Shipman

March 19, 2014

Katherine Winsett grew tired of working her classroom lesson plans around third-party digital materials. After a call for higher-education proposals fell in her lap, the USI biology instructor chose to act on an idea she had been stewing over for a few years. She enlisted a team of two USI students to design a visual-led proposal for Colab, an application that w...

Pott College receives grant for STEM development

Shannon Hall

January 28, 2014

Indiana Governor Mike Pence awarded USI $835,138 through the Indiana STEM Teacher Recruitment Fund to create a program that will recruit Indiana STEM teachers. USI has more than 2,400 students majoring in either STEM disciplines or teacher education programs. “This is a first time we received...

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