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Pott College receives grant for STEM development

Indiana Governor Mike Pence awarded USI $835,138 through the Indiana STEM Teacher Recruitment Fund to create a program that will recruit Indiana STEM teachers.

USI has more than 2,400 students majoring in either STEM disciplines or teacher education programs.

“This is a first time we received a grant to promote the math and science teaching,” said Scott Gordon, Pott College of Science, Engineering and Education dean. “We have a long history working with STEM educators in professional development.”

The program – Teaching Eagles Scholarship Program – will take two years to complete, and will assist students with tuition.

The scholarship will pay for up to 27 credit hours for elementary teaching students and 30 credit hours for secondary teaching students.

While USI was one of 10 Indiana organizations to receive the grant, it was one of the only colleges to receive it.

“We already have very strong STEM programs and very strong education programs,” Gordon said. “This brings two strong programs together to really make an impact in the state for the quality and number of science and math teachers.”

STEM Program Director Rick Hudson said USI’s strong STEM programs were key to bringing the grant to USI.

“I think we have a lot of STEM initiatives that our students can be involved with here,” Hudson said.

Ninety students will be eligible for the scholarship, which will only be available to those who plan to enroll in both the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 academic years.

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According to the Teaching Eagles website, the following are obligations for those interested in applying for the Teaching Eagles Scholarships:

  • Complete a major in a STEM field and a Secondary Education Licensure minor OR 2) complete a major in an education field and a minor in a STEM field
  • Fulfill requirements of the USI Teacher Education program, including maintaining a 2.75 cumulative, major and minor GPA and a C or better in all coursework leading to the degree
  • Seek licensure to teach science and/or mathematics in Indiana
  • Seek employment in an Indiana K-12 public school (including charter schools) and accept employment or a contract for services if offered
  • Attend at least two Teaching Eagles meetings each semester of the two-year program (one Road to Success Workshop; one Teaching Eagle Employment Workshop)
  • Participate in a Teaching Eagle special interest group (or SIG)
  • Participate regularly in extra-curricular STEM outreach initiatives throughout the course of the program; STEM outreach initiatives might include volunteering at a SwISTEM-sponsored event (e.g., Tri-State Science & Engineering Fair, Sea Perch Challenge, First Lego League tournament) or leading a STEM experience in a K-12 school that is not required for USI coursework