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USI Theaters Brighton Beach Memoirs hilarious, utterly sincere

USI Theater’s ‘Brighton Beach Memoirs’ hilarious, utterly sincere

Emma Corry, Feature Editor February 25, 2020

Growing up can be trying for any young teen. It’s even harder if you’re a Jewish-Polish teen living in 1930s Brooklyn.  The Great Depression and an inevitable world war can’t compare to the greatest...

The cast of Brighton Beach Memoirs rehearses a scene with Equity Actors Laurie Dawn and Buzz Roddy.

Play to feature family drama, coming-of-age

Susanna Fravell, Staff Writer February 4, 2020

People normally hide their awkward sides, but this was not the case for Eli Young, who tapped into his inner awkwardness for his upcoming role as a teenage boy going through puberty.  The USI Theatre...

Easton Crisp, a sophomore theatre major, and Jada Hampton, a senior theatre major, rehearse a scene.

Play to combine steampunk with classic Shakespeare comedy

Emma Corry, Features Editor November 5, 2019

Easton Crisp wears heelys when he plays Puck for the upcoming USI Theatre production of William Shakespeare's “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”  The sophomore theatre major had never worn heelys before...

The Dude in Me needs more depth, pizzazz

‘The Dude in Me’ needs more depth, pizzazz

Alyssa Osborn, Staff Writer March 26, 2019

It might seem inconvenient when you switch bodies with someone completely different than you, but for Dong-Hyun, a chubby high school student, and Pan-Soo, a member of a criminal organization, switching...

Comedic spin on fairy tales in Cursed Princess Club

Comedic spin on fairy tales in ‘Cursed Princess Club’

Darrian Breedlove, Opinion Editor March 26, 2019

Why do princesses always have to be drop-dead gorgeous? Why can’t there be normal looking princesses? Or better yet . . . a princess who may not be so fair and perfect? “Cursed Princess Club”...

Marvel movie offers fan-favorites

Jeana Evehart, Staff Writer August 27, 2018

For over a year, Marvel Studios has been producing film after film, giving fans an overflow of movies to enjoy, each one adding new depth to the Marvel franchise. The latest addition to Marvel brought...

Patton Oswalt special emotional, outstanding

Patton Oswalt special emotional, outstanding

Gavin Gaddis, Opinion Editor October 18, 2017

Wikipedia Commons With his newest Netflix special “Annihilation,” Patton Oswalt delivers a stand-up set that transcends mere jokes, becoming a narrative journey of emotion, grief, and comedy. From...

‘Bordertown’ fails to keep out bad animation, lame jokes

Gavin Gaddis , Community Engagement Manager April 12, 2017

Fox’s new failed attempt at humor, “Bordertown,” is like what would happen if one took every failed joke in “Family Guy” and cut them into a 22 minute sitcom. In the fictional border town of...

Comedian and previous Americas Got Talent contestant Drew Lynch purrs as he straddles a stool acting as a cat during his performance Wednesday in Carter Hall. Lynchs performance was one of the many events happening on campus for the annual Spring Fest celebration.

‘Comedy is a brilliant vehicle’

Megan Thorne, Features Editor April 10, 2016
When Drew Lynch was 20 years old a softball hit him in the throat causing vocal trauma and a permanent stutter. Since then Lynch has taken his adversity and turned it into comedy.

‘Dirty Grandpa’: Come for the sex, stay for the Greek

Gavin Gaddis January 27, 2016
“Dirty Grandpa” could be a hilarious comedy, in an alternate dimension.
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