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VIDEO: Newcomers contemplate how they’ll leave their mark on USI, the world

VIDEO: Newcomers contemplate how they'll leave their mark on USI, the world

James Vaughn

August 22, 2015

Student leaders and administrators begged a question during this year’s new student convocation: How will you leave your mark on the university? The newest group of Eagles flocked Friday afternoon to the Physical Activities Center for a warm welcome from the USI community. The incoming freshmen...

Welcome Week’s only sort-of fun for freshmen

Armon Siadat

August 27, 2014

Welcome Week isn’t the same when it’s not your first year on campus. Each year, various organizations on campus put on events in the days leading up to the first week of classes. As a freshman, Welcome Week was exciting because I had no idea what to expect and my RA really talked it up. At...

Shame on you, Housing

Brenna Wu

August 27, 2014

When I moved onto campus, I pictured a new bedroom, pictures hanging from wall to wall, nice couches and even a decent bathroom. What a majority of students came to find was definitely not that nice, beautiful picturesque room. Instead, some found broken down air conditioners and cockroaches -...

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