Shame on you, Housing

Brenna Wu

When I moved onto campus, I pictured a new bedroom, pictures hanging from wall to wall, nice couches and even a decent bathroom.

What a majority of students came to find was definitely not that nice, beautiful picturesque room.

Instead, some found broken down air conditioners and cockroaches – not to mention mold.

In the Honors apartment building toward the back of campus, a student found her room to be completely disgusting. She found not only cockroaches, but also several other creepy crawlers lining the walls of her bathroom. I met her mother as she was leaving, and she was completely appalled at how nasty the room looked, as well as being devastated to spend half of the day with her daughter cleaning instead of moving.

Another student came into her apartment to find the air conditioner in pieces on the floor along with several nails that were suppose to build the air conditioner. Housing might not have been finished with the apartment, but still…

I even asked a few AMIGOS their thoughts on housing, and almost everyone had some issue with their apartment – whether it was one of the three things suggested at the beginning or something much worse such as the frog infestation that surrounds every apartment building.

Housing needs to fix these issues before school even starts. Why are students paying around $4,000 per year to have crummy apartments to live in?

An AMIGO pointed out that during the summer, Housing was to have a summer cleaning project in which students worked to clean the apartments on campus. If the student worked the entire summer, the AMIGO believed the student would be paid.

Several students came into their new homes and spent half of the day, or even the whole day, cleaning up messes as well as trying to fix broken items within the apartment.

I definitely hope to see changes in the housing department’s future in order to keep students living on campus. How are students suppose to help promote on-campus housing when nothing but negative thoughts pop into their heads?