The Shield


What it means to be a friend

Devin Bloomfield

October 7, 2011

Last week I got in my first car wreck, and I had no idea what to do. I ran off the side of the road, hit a sign, ran over the sign, went into a ditch and continued to roll into a yard before I realized what had even happened. I think I had my eyes closed, or I just blacked out completely. Read More &raqu...

It's time to grow up

Devin Bloomfield

October 4, 2011

At this time in our lives, one of the most important things seems to be to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. I was a little ahead of the game in this department. Read More »...

Rocky Horror "virgin" receives eyeful

Roberto Campos

October 3, 2011

Words like slut, whore and asshole were casual phrases thrown out Rocky Horror Picture Show that I recently attended. Being a Rocky Horror “virgin” I didn’t understand what I was walking into. Besides seeing the Glee episode on Rocky Horror, I knew nothing about the movie or the cult culture I...

Observing video games rather than playing them

John Talley

October 3, 2011

Perhaps this is a weird hobby, but I really do enjoy watching other people play video games. Ever since I was a young boy, I would always watch my brother play video games. I remember distinctly learning to read from watching him play Final Fantasy III on the Super Nintendo. Read More »...

Occupy movement heads to Evansville

Jesse Rininger

October 2, 2011

These words have been echoing through the streets of New York City for the past month since the start of peaceful protest movement dubbed Occupy Wall St. The slogan references the top 1 percent of citizens that control over 50 percent of our nations’ wealth. Read More »...

What's on your mind?

Shannon Hall

September 26, 2011

Facebook changed. It’s all over newsfeeds. But the biggest complaint is that Facebook is telling us, the social media, what is “Top News.” Of course, we may not see the complaints as easily either because it’s not top news enough for us. Read More »...

Addressing online professionalism

John Talley

September 25, 2011

Growing up with the Internet, I constantly have been told that whatever is posted online is posted for the world to see. Read More »...


Jesse Rininger

September 20, 2011

Finally, I’m starting to hear the president speak about the real issues behind the façade of our current politics. Read More »

Colts die-hard fan won't give up

Shannon Hall

September 20, 2011

Peyton Manning possibly out for the season. What kind of joke was this? It had to be some kind of rumor...right? Wrong. Read More »

'I believe in you'

Mikael Drobny

September 20, 2011

At one point last year I was seriously considering a transfer from USI. My issue was not with the staff or faculty. It was not with my fellow students for the most part. It was not because I didn’t enjoy my chosen path of education. It was because I was still, although I denied it, uncertain about ...

Indianapolis Colts final version

Brittany Haddon

September 20, 2011

PEYTON MANNING POSSIBLY OUT FOR THE SEASON!!! What kind of joke was this? It had to be some kind of rumor...right? WRONG! To my surprise and disgust Peyton Manning was most likely not going to be playing in the 2011-2012 NFL season. I’m not going to lie, my first reaction was, “I need to find a ne...

The need for jazz

Ariana Beedie

September 19, 2011

Jazz is a big part of my life. In every moment, no matter what is happening around me, it fits my every mood. Read More »...

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