WTF Spudz-N-Stuff

Roberto Campos

Over the long Winter Break, some things that college students may miss are things like freedom, something to do or those unproductive nights that were supposed to be spent studying.

While those are all great reasons to miss college what I missed most was a little shop located on Pearl Drive called Spudz-N-Stuff.

Now I know I could use this opinion piece to talk about more important topics like the tuition decreases or how the smoking ban affected campus in its first semester, hell talking about the GOP race is something that would even be a good opinion.

But I chose to devote these couple hundred words to a question that needs to be answered, WhyTF is Spudz-N-Stuff so good?

One majestic morning, my roommate and I strolled into Spudz-N-Stuff to try out these potatoes we had heard so much about. Looking at the menu reminded me of Bertie Bott’s Jelly Beans from Harry Potter, literally everything you could think to put into a potato is on that menu.

Ever thought what it would be like to have a taco that was inside of potato, Spudz has you covered. You don’t like meat, Spudz is way ahead of you with their vegetarian styled spud. Faced with a decision that was on par with our nation’s economic crisis, I decided to get the BBQ Pulled Pork Spud and added my own kick of bacon with it.

With my first bite of that spud, I felt like the heavens collided and all that was good like puppies and Justin Bieber combined to make the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted.

And I’ve been coming back to Spudz once or twice a week ever since. I can honestly say walking through that door that day could have been one of the best decisions I have made in my adult life.

On Sundays I’ll be damned if I don’t have my spud by my side so we can watch the Packers make their way to the Super Bowl. My obsession even led me to order a spud to The Shield Office because I lacked nutriment. Yeah they deliver too, even to the UC.

If I had to speculate to why each spud is so appetizing, I would have to use my expert spud opinion to deduce that it is a combination of all that is awesome.

If I were to be serious, I would say I don’t know why, but I can say a business like this is genius because it is such a simple idea, exaggerate the expectation of a loaded baked potato.

And that idea keeps me coming back and swiping my plastic money. I didn’t even like potatoes before this semester, but Spudz-N-Stuff has enlightened me and has shown me what the Irish have known for quite a while, potatoes are awesome.

My mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas and you know what I got. Twenty dollars to buy some Spudz-N-Stuff when I came to Evansville, thanks mom.