Forcing child to be replica

Jessie Hellmann

A video of an eight-year-old boy confronting Michelle Bachmann at a book signing has been cycling around the internet for the last few days. In the video, the little boy shyly approaches Bachmann, with the boy’s mom lumbering behind him. The mom says “Did you have something to say?” The kid continues to act bashful, like he didn’t want to say it.

He finally said, “My mom is gay and doesn’t need fixing.” The mom and boy quickly shuffled away, leaving Bachmann standing by with a shocked look on her face.

When I first saw this video, I was astonished. How cute of this little boy to stick up for his mother.

Then I thought about it a little bit. The boy’s mother is pushing him to confront one of the most terrifying women in America. His mother was coaching the little boy, even though it was clear he didn’t want to talk to Bachmann. His little hands covered his face like he was trying to disappear, but Bachmann and his mother kept pushing him to speak. “Didn’t you have something to say?” the mother prods.

Parents who use their children to push their own political agenda should join a book club or pick up knitting instead of trying to replicate themselves in eight-year-old form.

Your child is not a tool.

It’s the same situation when a five-year-old girl carries a sign at the Occupy Evansville protests. Does the girl know what her sign means, literally and figuratively? Probably not.

If you want your child to grow up with even a hint of intelligence and individuality, stop trying to make them an exact replica of yourself.