Letter to the Editor: RE: Student says he was unjustly disqualified from SGA presidency

Mark Murry

I hope that Thompson can find some recourse in the actions of the SGA election committee. The bylaws is literally the law of how to run an organization and precedent competing with those bylaws does not invalidate such bylaws.

Lopez is out of line to make such statement as ‘Students become “official members” by being elected or by filling a vacancy through a “process that has been followed and respected for over 20 years,”’ when that is obviously in contrast with the bylaws.

Thompson ought to take this up with Haviland Wyant if still the Chief Justice of SGA. If that still doesn’t gain traction and Thompson truly has a valid case (which from outside the SGA, it appears he does), then he as a member of society who ran for president of SGA with a assumed commitment to proper law and order of the student body, SHOULD take the case to the University President, Ronald S. Rochon.

IF the Student Government Association acted unlawfully, then the CORRECT course of action is to expose the tyranny.