Letter to the Editor: Paige Schemanske

Ellie Kiesel

Paige Schemanske had blonde hair, long blonde hair. She had blue eyes. She had a gait one could notice from 50 feet away. You may have known her as the girl who was always running, walking, or biking. Or maybe you knew her as the girl who always sat at a table right in front of the HP where she would be as long as it was above freezing (her favorite study spot). You may have known her as the quiet girl in the back of your nursing classroom. Or maybe she was your RA, helping you resolve an issue in the early hours of the morning, even though if you would have asked her, any sane person would not be awake at any hour before 9 a.m. You might have known Paige as someone who loved Dove chocolate. Maybe you knew Paige as the girl who occasionally came to Newman, but did not talk very much, as she was soaking in every word that was said. Maybe you rode with her to Monday night Mass as she smiled the whole way there, just happy to be with others. Or maybe you traveled with her to Washington, D.C to the March for Life in a van that was off the road more than it was on the road and you wondered how on earth she was able to continue doing school work without throwing up. If you did not know Paige by any of those things, let me tell you a little about her. Paige Schemanske had a contagious smile you were sure to catch if you were around her. She had a kind heart and would bend over backwards to make sure you were safe. Paige had a passion for the lives of the unborn. She loved the sky and its many colors. She was genuine, she was caring, and she was all things good. While you may have not known Paige personally, join me in remembering her and keeping her spirit alive. Let us not dwell on how her soul transitioned from Earth to Heaven, but instead on how she was a light in the world. Next time you eat a Dove chocolate, text someone you care about and check in with them. Next time you walk past someone, make an effort to smile at them. Join me in praying for her family and friends as we remember Paige Schemanske