Letter to the editor

SGA is a wonderful organization that can make real concrete change on campus. However, I’m unsure if the execution of that power has been utilized. Students always ask me, “What has SGA done?” I tell them that they were able to get new furniture in the Business Engineering Building and have helped with the creation of a menu that contains a list of healthy food options. The response is usually an eye roll and a, “No really! What have they actually done?” I don’t know how to answer that question because there isn’t a good answer.

Representatives are given a $250 budget to hold delegation events. These delegation events serve little purpose. They are held to collect data about students. Previously, I was a commuter student representative so my delegation event asked questions about parking and commuting to campus. When I finished my delegation event, I asked what was next? What can I do with this information about commuter students? I received zero guidance or answers. Representatives are told to do what they please with this information but there’s no formal process of reporting these statistics to the organization or the university.

It’s really disheartening to see what has become of the organization. The accusations thrown around about an SGA Presidential candidate by members of the Executive Board and the General Assembly are wildly inappropriate. Why are they using university and SGA time to slander a student? SGA should be about change and advocacy, not degradation and gossip.


Sarah Seward-Genung