Staff editorial: “Part of the fight”

Staff Editorial

The Shield is composed of students. Students taking classes at the university. Students who are subject to countless Zoom calls. Students that are tired of online homework. Students that are over the constant isolation.

We hear you. We are feeling the same feelings as everyone through this tumultuous period called now. It has been a battle that The Shield has never experienced, but it’s not one fought alone. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting publications like The Shield all around the country. Giants in student journalism like the Indiana Student Daily, a publication from Indiana University, is on track to run out of funding in May. According to an editorial released last month, Spring 2021 could be its last semester. 

The Shield has held on only by a hair through the turmoil, however. The desire to tell the stories of our community, as we have for over 50 years, is our greatest motivator to endure.

The first two weeks of the semester, The Shield did not publish its weekly newsletter, Shield Source. This was not out of lack of desire.

Just before our first weekly newsletter could be sent, The Shield’s editor-in-chief unexpectedly resigned. This left little time to prepare the staffers to compile a newsletter and find somebody to fill the absent role.

We greatly appreciate the work the former editor-in-chiefs did. It is, in fact, a testament to the stress this pandemic can pile on to someone, and they are commended for their willingness to take on the challenge of leading among the chaos. 

The Shield is not going to stop because of these setbacks. It’s not what we owe the students and staff who have sacrificed much this year, and the years since 1968. 

We have neglected the extreme privilege of comradery within The Shield. The pandemic isolated staff and compromised the essentials of communication. 

After we identified this issue, we caught our second wind. We are committed now, more than ever, to give the students of this university what they need.

Hayden Olberding, senior journalism major, will be acting as the interim editor-in-chief. He is moving from his role of digital editor and will be leading The Shield through its rebuilding process. 

The Shield isn’t looking for protection, it’s looking for soldiers. Students that are willing to push back against the pandemic and against the fear of what’s to come. 

We are looking for students to write the first draft of history. 

What is your story?

If you want to be a part of this fight, we are on the lookout for students that will be committed to pushing back against the pandemic, against mental blocks, against self-doubt and fear of what’s to come. 

We are looking for students who see the university and ask:  ‘what stories must be told?’

The Shield is committed to you, and we are actively seeking to improve.